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In today’s high-tech era where computer is one of the important commodities in our household, information turns out to be easily at reach and globally handy. With my exposure to the wider world via net, it is a “no no” for me not to be familiar with some web applications that would make my life uncomplicated as an internet user.

I had an encountered with this Dropbox application in one of my gig (work) in oDesk where files were easily sent and shared to me by my overseas client. As I googled Dropbox, it says, “it is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, documents, and videos anywhere and share them easily with family and friends. Provided that Dropbox is installed in one’s computer, any file saves to Dropbox will directly be saved to computer, iPhone, iPad and even Dropbox website.”

With this attribute of Dropbox, fear no more and say good bye to the hassle of sending large files - a simple and effortless way to share and at the same time storing our memoirs in a secured place. Really, nothing beats from being conscientious when it comes to safeguarding our important documents, photos and videos. As the cyber age increases exponentially, it aims at giving convenience and saves me from the mishap knowing that all my files are in good hands. In my case, I should have placed and have all my photos recovered in Dropbox folder if only there was this kind of application available during that time when our house was razed by a fire.

Dropbox Features
• Your files are always secure and available from Dropbox website.
• Works with Windows, Mac Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry
• It won’t control your connection since it’s manually set bandwidth limit.
• Can view documents, photos and videos even when offline
• Free for 2GB, with subscription up to 100GB available
• It’s your files anywhere for a person who is always on the go

Have a glimpse of my first own version of "How-To" - my Dropbox tutorial. I hope I have shared something useful and you have gained from it. Do keep on coming back for more of my web application tutorials.

Thanks for watching. :)
Mary Ann_Cucio_how to Use Dropbox

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