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If you are a jet setter holding multiple itineraries, you want the privilege of having all your travel plans organized in just a snap. TripIt is just like having an assistant to help you put orders your itinerary from travel bookings to reservation, to finding right hotel, restaurant or even getting a rent for car that suite your needs.

TripIt is a free online service that helps travelers organize and integrate their travel plans in a single online travel itinerary plan. Having this travel application handy will keep you from the hassle of maintaining multiple-destination trips even if booked at different travel agencies.

Cool features of TripIt:
  1. This travel tool is available for mobile devices like Blackberry, iPhones and Android thereby access to your itinerary is easily within reach.
  2. Allows integration with Google apps.
  3. It shows directions, weather and maps in your online itinerary.
  4. It has the ability to let you access your itinerary via internet, share it, print it and allows integration with social networking sites.
  5. TripIt has this "TripIt To Me" attribute that lets you get your trip information from anywhere you have access to email including mobile devices. By sending a command to, you will get the results right away. To illustrate, email "get trip" to and TripIt will email back your current trip itinerary.
Here are the commands to use:

Command: Get flight today
Result: All flights with departure for today

Command: Get hotel 07/01/03
Result: All hotel reservations that include stay date of 01 July 2013

Command: Get restaurant today
Result: Restaurant reservation details for today

Command: Get trip
Result: Entire itinerary for current trip

Command: Get trip 07/01/13
Result: Entire itinerary for your 01 July 2013 trip

Command: Get schedule tomorrow
Result: Full schedule of tomorrow, across your trips

Command: Help
Result: Latest list of currently available TripIt To Me Commands

How to Use TripIt

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