Free Calls (Landline and Mobile Device) to US & Canada using your Gmail Account

In my personal point of view, phone call facility of Google is undeniably a blockbuster amongst Gmail users. This free call feature connects to any landline and wireless device numbers anywhere within the US and Canada. Although free calls only apply for US and Canada territories, it is an essential and great communication tool which will be of big help for a virtual assistant who has clients across the globe. International call rates still apply for a minimum toll charge.

This added Google phone service would mean being able to enjoy easy and affordable rates access not only to our friends, family, and relatives but to our clients as well.

You may want to try and enjoy the free calls to say hi and get connected to your family in the US and Canada.

I hope you find my learning presentation helpful and valuable.
Mary Ann_Cucio_how to Use Google Call Phone via Gmail

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