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I am just pretty curious why is there such a need to convert almost any file format to PDF (Portable Document Format) until I have discovered the wonders of this document-preservation tool. PDF, being the brainchild of Adobe Corporation is a file format which can be viewed, printed and shared virtually on the web regardless of the document format (texts, images, layout, graphics, etc.) which remains protected/untouched as its original format is transmitted electronically.

Here are some of the cool stuff I have uncovered while learning the PDF.
  1. Word document files that are large in size may sometimes get denied or spammed when delivered because they might carry virus or malware. Converting them to PDF will get the files compressed, thereby reducing the size and still maintain the quality of the document.
  2. It has a security feature to safeguard the document format.
  3. It is compatible with any operating system.
  4. PDF file is pleasant to view on the screen as if you are reading a book.
  5. It is capable of merging files into one document.
  6. PDF cannot be edited or changed, thus, making files protected from changes and retain its exact components. Therefore, it allows our files from misplaced fonts or busted layouts.
To support my learning on PDF, I have selected doc2pdf, an online document tool that converts from file to PDF and from PDF to any document format. I also have created a learning presentation on doc2pdf.

Drop me a line by clicking on the "comment" button if I have missed out something. Thanks.

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