Soho Projects Tutorial

Do you want someone or something to oversee your project that would dramatically change the way you work? Grab this hassle-free and one-size-fits all technique of online project software, the Soho Projects, a social way to get things done in a click. A program where you can converge and see what your team is working on.

Take a look at what Soho Projects has to offer to make our project effortless to handle.
  • It goes together and integrates with Google Docs, Google Calendar with the capability to embed in iGoogle, Gmail and Google Site
  • Allows team gets updates and collaborates online
  • Helps organize project in milestones, task place and tasks
  • There's a shared project calendar that keeps all the meetings, milestones and tasks neatly organize in a central place for everyone to see
  • Tracks the overall progress of your project in the dashboard which is the main area of your project and gives you a great glance view of the past and upcoming tasks and activities.
  • There is an embedded Project Chat in the priority area where you can create a forum and set up chat rooms
  • Time-tracking functionality is at hand
  • It bills customers based on the activities performed and time spent on a project
Mary Ann_Cucio_how to Use Zoho Projects

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