Google Docs (Documents) Tutorial

I am not aware of the great attributes of Google Docs until I've come across its documents segment while making a tutorial and doing my personal study of the software. I am just acquainted with Gmail just for the email thing; other than that, I have not fully utilized its purpose. Google Docs is a free online program which is an indispensable web tool for every computer user. It has a collaborative feature online, sharing is immeasurable which allows the team to view, make simultaneous revisions (maximum of 10 people) to the document in real time thus, time and effort are being saved. Another built-in functionality is the "Publish" quality that allows you to copy the link or the URL into the web or blog for publishing.

Now, I am mulling over whether I should make a paradigm shift from using a traditional desktop to online word processor. With the many characteristics of Google Docs, which I have yet to explore further, it dawned on me to resist in saying "no" and not to be a fan of this well-liked cloud based app.

Would love to hear from you if there's something I have missed to include in my learning presentation. Go ahead and hit the comment button.
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